On-demand carpool

Sameride Commute App is similar to slugging in terms of being free and with commitments only to the coming rides. Similar to slugging morning pick-up happens typically at commuter lots.

How is Sameride Commute App different from slugging? – It provides a virtual “slug” lines of offers from drivers and requests from riders.
Also Afternoon pick-ups can be done at any location typically indicated by rider inside the area of possible pick-up locations from driver.

Adding Requests

Requests are created by riders.
It is important to indicate exact location in request that is fast and easy accessible by rider and can be easily identified by drivers. So it will be easy to meet at the specified location.

We suggest to indicate your office building if it is facing the street that can be easily located by driver.

Accepting Requests

A driver is accepting a request and either creates a new offer based on the request or adds the rider to his/her existing offer.
If the rider indicated time range for pick-up in his/her request, then the driver is expected to set exact pick-up time as soon as the driver determines his driving route to pick-up each rider.

Adding Offers

Offers are created by drivers.
In the offer it is better to indicate area location where driver is willing to drive to pick-up or drop-off riders, for example, “South from M str NW between 14th and 12th str”.

Joining Offers

A rider is joining an offer and indicating exact pick-up location where he is able to be at pick-up time


Everybody can send a message to a request or an offer. The participants or the request (rider) and the offer (a driver and riders) will be notified about the message and will be able to answer to the message.

In case of questions, comments to this post email at support@sameride.com

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